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Puerto Morelos


village by the reef

Puerto Morelos is a small, seasonal community of locals, expats, and people from Cancun and other places around the country opting for a slower paced life by the Caribbean. Due to the government protecting the reef and mangroves—and the village itself—from development, Puerto Morelos remains a safe-haven for those looking for a less saturated experience. Quiet beaches, and low-key nights. A small-town charm that will make you feel welcome and at ease. 

The town square, which highlights the center of the port, is a place of meetings for locals and tourists, spending the evening eating a 'Marquesita' (dessert street delicacy) or shopping the unique artisan booths set up just for the night. Many great dining opportunities surround the square, all pretty much within walking distance of one another. 


al fresco dining

Eat out on the street and soak in the culture of this small beach town. Street performances ranging from break dancing, mariachis and mayan fire dancers. Always the one or two street dogs, there to make sure people eat safely, and save some scraps for them in return!



snorkeL & Dive

Just a few minutes from the shore, you'll find the 2nd largest reef system in the world: the Meso American Reef, and a chance to swim with turtles, lobsters and many kinds of tropical fish that inhabit the area. We offer premier snorkel and dive services with convenient pick-ups, straight from the beach.  



beach bars

What PM lacks in night life it makes up for in daytime bars. Think cold beer or frozen margarita, fresh ceviche and an ocean view. Just enough of a crowd to entertain your people-watching likes, but not enough to make you wait in line. Listen to old school reggae tunes, tasteful house music, and even classic rock.




People come here to enjoy the calm beaches, eat great food, have good drinks at a reasonable cost, and in most cases, explore the sea. The in-betweens offer many wonderful opportunities ranging from yoga and dance classes, art workshops, bird watching, meditation groups, movie nights and much more!